Journey to the Castle and listen to four stories from ghosts trapped within the ruins.

This latest series of stories will invite you to walk around the Keep and hear from those trapped within the castle stonework. A Civil War soldier will share the reasons for his hanging in Farnham Market place, Hilda the Maiden will tell of the tragedy in the tower. Sophy Sumner shares why she still haunts the Bishops Palace and hear from Bishop Morley himself under the murder hole as he offers his dire warning about what is to come.

Start with track Do Not Walk Alone - Farnham Castle

Take a deep breath

And listen
Let the voices from the past meet you in your present.

Here in Farnham, you do not walk alone.

Meet the Spirit of Farnham at the Castle

Meet the Spirit of Farnham.
Let her introduce you to Farnham Castle's layers of decay, from the dawn of time to the present day.

Voiced by Sophie Austin
Sound Design by James Wright

The Séance and Sophy Sumner

Peek through the alleyway at the Bishop’s Palace, Farnham Castle and hear about a haunted Halloween party in the 1950’s.

The dancing footsteps of an unseen child have regularly been reported in the Great Hall at Farnham Castle, could they be the footsteps of Sophy Sumner, looking for someone to dance with?

Voiced by Violet Tobin

Forlorn Hope

Look out to Farnham Park from the edge of the Keep at Farnham Castle and let Bartholomew Ellicot share his experience of the brutal Civil War in 1642 and his death by hanging in Farnham market place.

On cold days when the fog hangs in the air, the sound of drums and marching can be heard as a ghostly garrison makes its way down Castle Street. Listen to this story to find out where they are headed.

Voiced by Tommy Ross-Williams

Song by Deirdre Gannon and Mark Alcock

Hilda the Maiden

Follow Hilda up the steps of the keep and take a crow’s eye view of the Bishop’s Palace at Farnham Castle as she tells of her fatal wedding in 1141.

Hilda's ghost has been seen walking the castle walls, keeping her vigil. Her story continues to be told locally by humans and crows.

Voiced by Natasha Magigi

Bishop Morley's message to the living

Heed a warning from a 300 year old bishop about what is to come as you stand under the murder hole at Farnham Castle.

A story about Bishop Morley who lived through the English Civil war, the Interregnum and was was instrumental in the restoration of the monarchy in 1660. His ghost has been seen around Farnham castle ever since his death. Listen as he tells you why he remains.

Voiced by Ian Wilson-Soppit

This is the final episode in the second series of F for Farnham.